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This page was put on the web on march 23, 1997. Updated December 07, 2003.

Welcome to the Tapper Page!

Welcome to the Tapper Page!

any people search on Alta Vista and other search services for their own name, probable you did too! Your name is Tapper, isn't it? I found out by all e-mail and my guest book that many people with the same family name as me have visited my home page. That's why I got the idea to set up a special page for Tapper's. This is just an attempt to collect some of you Tapper's to set up a link list to your home pages or your e-mail addresses.

To me it looks like Tapper is a common name in Sweden, Finland, England and USA. What does "tapper" mean in your language? In Swedish it means "brave, courageous, valiant, plucky"! Names like Tapper was given to soldiers in the old Swedish army.  I'm very glad to learn that Tapper in English is the barman, innkeeper, or a "server of beer" - the tappers opened barrels of beer, because this is my favorite drink! But this, this or this might be other examples. Suggestions? Other languages?

Click to read the clip!

Pensions can be fun if your a Tapper... Thanks to Henry Tapper for this clip. Click picture to read!

Photo taken around 1954 in Kumla, Sweden

Three generations of Tapper. Me 4 years old in the middle, my grandfather Klas Tapper to the left and my father Tage Tapper to the right.

Who is this?
Name: Arne Tapper
Does anyone recognise him?
Born 1920 - 1935? in Sweden?

Please contact:

Tapper's that have been to my web page

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Links to other Tapper related stuff:

There is a site which traces a family of Torbay Tappers back a couple of centuries.  It can be found at

It might be of some interest to Tappers around the world. Thanks to Ralph Tapper Torbay, Nfld for the information.

The validation of the settleing of Tappers Cove by my antecedents in Torbay Newfoundland can be found in the,"history of Torbay" by Richard Codnor,ST. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. Respectfully George Charles Tapper.

The Tappers of Western Australia

Page d'accueil Garth Tapper is one of New Zealand's best known painters and died just a few months  ago. read  about the Tapper family in Argentina

Help us to find the brothers Jonas and Stefan Tapper This is a search site for the brothers Jonas and Stefan Tapper from Sweden that disappeared mysteriously in the Honduras, South America, in November 1998. A search team,  including their mother, was sent there in May 1999. The brothers are still not found. This site is entirely in the Swedish language. Some information in English on this page Cykel från Alaska till Chile

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Rune Tapper

The list of people with the fine name of Tapper that have been 
to my web page. To avoid spam all @ is changed with *, change back if
you like to mail someone:


Name & e-mail address Location & Home Page URL  


Rune Tapper Kumla, Sweden


Camilla Tapper Tranås, Sweden


Erik Tapper Stockholm, Sweden


Andreas Tapper Östansjö, Sweden


Michael Tapper Claremont, Calif


Mikko Tapper Saarijärvi, Finland


Rune Tapper Boden, Sweden


Jack Tapper Memphis, Tennessee (USA)


Jukka Tapper Finland, Middle-Finland 


Janne Tapper Helsinki, Finland


Jack D Tapper, Jr Greensburg PA USA.


Andrew R. Tapper Sudbury Ontario, Canada


Lauren Tapper ?


Nigel Tapper Melbourne, Australia 


Alfred (Al) Tapper Gulfport, Mississippi


Jillane Tapper Brian Camden, Arkansas


Frank Patrick Tapper Ontario, Canada


Ricky S. Tapper Memphis, TN


Steve Tapper Stoughton, Massachusetts,  USA


Teresa Tapper Stoughton, Massachusetts,  USA


Markku Tapper Helsinki, Finland


Tua Tapper Espoo, Finland


Simon Tapper S. Devon, U.K


Suzanne Tapper ?


James Tapper North London


Marisa Tapper Camden, Arkansas


Jonathan Tapper Melbourne, Australia


Harry S. Tapper Winnipeg, Canada
29 Anu Tapper Saarijärvi, Finland
30 Sandra Rose (nee Tapper) Perth in Western Australia
31 Jennifer Tapper ?
32 Ingela Tapper Kumla, Sweden
33 Benny Tapper Orust, Sweden
34 Alan David Tapper Jackson, New Jersey, USA
35 Pat Tapper Adelaide in South Australia
36 Ernst Chr. Tapper Norway
37 Gayle Tapper St. John's, Newfoundland
38 Barbara Tapper Peryam Monticello, Minnesota
39 Rahshema Tapper Jamaican Decent
40 Randy B Tapper Northbay Ontario, Canada
41 Mark Tapper Milwaukee, Wisconsin
42 Anders Tapper

Lindesberg, Sweden

43 Melvin Tapper USA
44 Ab Tapper Scarborough Ontario, Canada
45 Randy Tapper Canada
46 Nicklas Tapper Malung, Sweden
47 Albert Tapper Melbourne, Australia
48 Jenni Tapper Saarijärvi, Finland
49 Diana Tapper New York City, NY
50 Wendy Tapper Washington State, USA
51 Linda Tapper Seattle, Washington, USA
52 Elana Tapper Washington DC, USA?
53 Howard Tapper Milwaukee, Wisconsin
54 Åsa Tapper Borsö, Trosa, Sweden
55 Urban Tapper Tranemo, Sweden
54 William Tapper USA
55 John Tapper Bristol, England
56 Caroline Tapper Sydney, Australia
57 Marcus Tapper Newfoundland, Canada
58 Robert Tapper Bristol, UK
59 Raymond Joseph Tapper IV Cordova, Maryland, USA
60 Tuula Tapper Upplands Väsby/Stockholm, Sweden
61 Perry Marshall Tapper Czech Republic
62 Sandy and David Tapper St. Petersburg, Florida
63 Paula Tapper Jyväskylä, Finland
64 Sue Tapper Hopewell, New Jersey USA
65 Randy Tapper Minneapolis Minnesota
66 Graham Francis Tapper Camberley in Surrey in the UK
67 Phil Tapper Doncaster, England
68 Alex Tapper Argentina
69 Marvin Tapper Ft. Lauderdale, Fl
70 Rudi Tapper Portsmouth England
71 Jonas Tapper Sweden
72 Samuel A. Tapper California, USA
73 John Edward Tapper California, USA
74 Anders Tapper Örebro, Sweden
75 George Tapper Torbay Nfld. Canada
76 Frederick Lino Tapper Argentina Go see the great Tapper family in Argentina!
77 Kimberley Tapper USA
78 Ambrose William Tapper Newfoundland, Canada
79 Brad Tapper Minneapolis, Minn.
80 Ian Tapper
81 Frida Tapper Sweden
82 Mark J. Tapper USA?
83 Gordon Tapper Hutchinson MN
84 Andrew R Tapper ?
85 Donald N. Tapper Glen Mills, Pa.
86 Dan A Tapper ?
87 Ingemar Tapper Stavsjö in Sweden
88 Daniel Tapper New Jersey
89 Bonnie Lyn Tapper Rockaway, NJ
90 Craig Tapper Sydney in Australia
91 Linus Tapper ?
92 Phil Tapper ?
93 Monica Tapper Gothenburg, Sweden
94 Jamie Tapper Alberta, Canada
95 Tommy Tapper Falkoping, Sweden
96 Marko Tapper Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
97 Claes Tapper Sweden
98 Graham Tapper
99 Russell John Tapper Minnesota, USA
100 Linda Tapper Uppsala, Sweden
101 Frida Tapper Uppsala, Sweden
102 Linda Tapper DiCicco New Jersy, USA
103 Benjamin Tapper Kent, England
104 Rita Tapper Newfoundland Canada
105 Jeremy Tapper Milwaukee, USA
106 Lori Tapper Modesto, California, USA
107 Jonathan Tapper Cardiff, Wales
108 Dave Tapper Milwaukee, USA
109 Donald Delroy Tapper Jamaica
110 Michael Tapper Lund, Sweden
111 Gerry Oscar Tapper ?
112 Thorsten Tapper Recklinghausen, Germany
113 Anita Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland Canada
114 Jim Tapper Iowa, USA
115 David A. Tapper Woodstock, NY
116 David Tapper Sweden
117 Shane Tapper Grinnell, Iowa
118 Jim Tapper Corvallis, Oregon
119 Jonathan Tapper San Francisco
120 Edward J. Tapper Princeton, NJ, USA
121 Joanne Tapper Bedfordshire, England
122 Gerald Tapper Auckland , New Zealand
123 Errol J Tapper Winnipeg, Canada
124 Jim Tapper ?
125 Fred Tapper Lowell, MA
126 Eric Tapper
127 Rob Tapper ?
128 Cynthia Tapper Tooker Menifee, California
129 Ivan Roy Tapper Plymouth Devon England
130 Brian Tapper Salisbury Wiltshire UK
131 Albert Tapper Fontmell Magna, North Dorset
132 Greg Tapper ?
133 B. Tapper Bayou La Batre, Alabama
134 Stefan Tapper Gävle, Sweden
135 Paul Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
136 Clinton T. Tapper Jr. ?
137 Gordon Tapper Parish of St. Anne, Jamaica
138 Chris Ann Urquhart (nee Tapper) Sydney, Australia
139 Barbara Ronald (nee Tapper) Sydney, Australia
140 Richard Tapper Lord Howe Island, Australia
141 Matthew David Tapper MCAS Yuma AZ
142 Jonathan & Cynthia Tapper Mesa AZ, USA
143 Josh Tapper Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
144 David Tapper New Jersey, USA
145 Michael Tapper s.w. Michigan, usa
146 David C. Tapper Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
147 Cristina Tapper Sweden
148 DeniseS Tapper Kingston, Jamaica
149 Mia Tapper Sweden
150 Jason Tapper Guildford in Surrey, United Kingdom
151 Göran Tapper Surahammar, Sweden
152 Anne Tapper Sweden
153 Jennifer Curtis Tapper Tulsa, Oklahoma
154 Peter . J. Tapper Bedfordshire, UK
155 Richard Tapper Groningen, Netherlands
156 Joseph Tapper Bloomfield CT
157 Greg Tapper Dorset, England
158 Bill Tapper U.S
159 Jeff Tapper West Chester Pa
160 Jonathan Tapper Mesa, Arizona, USA
161 John William Tapper Ontario Canada
162 Gordon Tapper Jamaica
163 Erik Tapper Sweden
164 Graham Tapper Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
165 Robert C Tapper Toronto ONT
166 Patricia Marie Tapper Warriner Port St. Joe, FL
167 Sidney Tapper ?
168 Steven Tapper Poole, Dorset, England
169 Shane Tapper Sydney, Australia
170 Jessica Tapper North Yorkshire, England
171 Darren J Tapper Port Perry, Canada
172 Larry & Susan Tapper Ocean Springs, Miss
173 Sari Graham (nee Tapper) Sydney, Australia
174 Jason Tapper Blackpool, England
175 Paula Tapper Lahti, Finland
176 Thøger Tapper-Larsen Denmark
177 Carla Tapper Brazil
178 Claire Tapper Northland, New Zealand
179 Yvonne Tapper Straelen near Düsseldorf, Germany
180 Ruth Tapper Southland, New Zealand
181 Damian Ross Tapper Darwin Northern Territory, Australia
182 Mark Tapper Pennsylvania
183 Michelle Tapper Lindemann Texas,USA
184 Andrew Tapper London, Ontario, Canada
185 Heidi Tapper Canada
186 Sandra C. Tapper USA
187 Martin Tapper UK
188 Uwe J. Tapper Dortmund, Germany
189 Jennifer Tapper ?
190 Andrew Tapper England
191 Fennella Tapper Essex, England
192 Eric Martin Tapper Warren, N.J
193 Catrinus Tapper Wijhe, Netherlands
194 Staffan Tapper Uppsala, Sweden
195 Robert L. Tapper Q.C. Winnipeg Canada
196 Paul Tapper Racine, WI 
197 Debbie Tapper st.john's nfld
198 Norman W. Tapper New York
199 Harvey M. Tapper Minneapolis, Minnesota
200 Stefanie Tapper Philly
201 Barbara Tapper Coburn ?
202 Sean Tapper Bournemouth, Dorset (UK)
203 Jonathan Tapper Boston, Ma
204 Michael Tapper Boston, Ma
205 Alexander Tapper Germany
206 Samuel Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland
207 Nicolette Tapper ?
208 Hans B. Tapper Värmland, Sweden
209 Andrew Robert Tapper ?
210 Keith Tapper ?
211 Adam Tapper ?
212 Rosemarie Tapper Milwaukee, Wisconsin
214 William "J.R." Tapper Jr. Plymouth MN USA
215 Gea Tapper Emmen in the Netherlands
216 Truus Tapper Emmen, the Netherlands
217 Michelle Tapper USA
218 Heidi Tapper Nelson New Zealand
219 Jonas Tapper Stockholm, Sweden
220 Dale June Tapper England
221 Liz Tapper ?
222 Shane Tapper Iowa
223 Harold Tapper ?
224 Anthony Tapper Sydney, Australia
225 Lindsey Tapper Memphis, TN
226 Brandon Tapper ?
227 Aki Tapper Finland
228 Björn Tapper Germany (Emden)
229 Nick Tapper philly
230 Steven A Tapper Orange county, Calif.
231 Jukka Tapper Jyväskylä, Finland
232 Steven Tapper West Bloomfield MI
233 Ken & Sue Tapper London Ontario Canada
234 Linda Tapper Stockholm, Sweden
235 David R Tapper South Wales
236 Heléne Tapper Gävle, Sweden
237 Jackie Mellor nee Tapper Newton Abbot in Devon England
238 Barbara Tapper West Bloomfield, Michigan USA
239 James Tapper Swindon, England
240 Brian Tapper Salisbury Wiltshire UK
241 Stefan Tapper Stockholm, Sweden
242 Lincoln Lord Tapper Jamaica
243 Jarrod Tapper Auckland, ne Zealand
244 Jodi Tapper Scotch Royal Oak, Michigan
245 Markku Tapper Helsinki, Finland
246 Anna Tapper Upplands Vasby, Sweden
247 Paul Daniel Tapper Plymouth, England
248 Kimikawa Tapper ?
249 Yolanda Tapper Rotterdam the Netherlands
250 Heli Tapper Finland, Jyväskylä
251 Mark Tapper Pembroke Pines, Florida
252 Michael Tapper Detriot, Michigan
253 Jeff Tapper Rosemount, MN
254 Andy Tapper North Bay, CA
255 Jane Anderson (nee Tapper) Whangarei, New Zealand
256 Alan Tapper Chicago, Il
257 Kay Tapper Gatell Los Angeles, CA
258 David Anthony Tapper Salisbury, Wiltshire
259 Cara Isabel Tapper Los Angeles, California
260 Göran Tapper Sweden
261 Adam Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland,Canada
262 Henry Tapper London, England
263 myra lola wilkinson nee tapper ?
264 Jan Cedric Tapper Düsseldorf, Germany
265 Michael A. Tapper Durham, North Carolina
266 Nick Tapper Montreal, Canada
267 David Tapper Deerfield near Chicago
268 Tonya Tapper-Boeckenhauer Sioux City, Iowa
269 Jonathan Tapper ?
270 Ewa Tapper Brussels, Belgium
271 Sascha Tapper Hamburg, Germany
272 Tobie Tapper Memphis area
273 Sidney Alexander Tapper Memphis Tn
274 Robert (Bob) Lewis Tapper London, England
275 Simon Nicholas Tapper Ludwigshafen Germany
276 Garrett Tapper ?
277 William James Tapper Jr Toledo, Ohio
278 Shane Tapper Brandon, Mississippi
279 Mary Knight nee Tapper Worthing, West Sussex
280 David Tapper Biggleswade Bedfordshire England
281 Heath Tapper Tokyo, Japan
282 Megan Tapper Welsh
283 Susan Margaret Edwards nee Tapper Cornwall
284 Jessica Tapper ?
285 Nina Tapper-Floman  Helsinki, Finland
286 Jack Tapper  Palm Bay Florida
287 Janet Williams nee Tapper Exeter, Devon, UK
288 Colin Tapper Torbay Newfoundland
289 Craig Tapper ?
290 Marilyn Jean Tapper

Sharon Ontario, Canada

291 Edward Tapper Lenoir, North Carolina,USA
292 Eddie Tapper ?
293 Judy Tapper

Auckalnd, New Zealand

294 Nicole Tapper western australia
295 David Tapper ?

Jim Tapper

Springfield , Ma
297 Suzanne Tapper ?
298 Margaret Thompson(nee Tapper) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
299 Winnie Tapper -Chicoine Westford, Massachusetts
300 Tarja Tapper Turku, Finland
301 Philip Tapper Sydney Australia
302 Sara Tapper Stockport England
303 Ron Tapper South Wales U.K
304 Daniel Tapper ?
305 Rita Tapper st.john's Newfoundland, Canda
306 Lorna Tapper Borobridge St Ann Jamaica
307 Suzanne Tapper Chicago
308 Julia Tapper Germany
309 Dawn Marie Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland
310 Simon Tapper Auckland, New Zealand
311 Donald Alan Tapper Wilmington, Illinois-USA
312 Alexandra "aliegator" Tapper ?
313 Barbara Tapper Melbourne, Australia
314 Rob Tapper New Zealand
315 Jill Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland
316 Michael A. Tapper Eden Prairie, MN, USA
317 Jörg Tappe Germany
318 Tracey Tapper ?
319 Jeremy Derrick Tapper Maple ridge, BC Canada
320 Mick Tapper Melbourne, Australia
321 George Charles Tapper Tapper's Cove,Torbay, Nfld
322 Suzan Tapper Jamaica
323 Terry Allan Tapper Windsor, Ontario, Canada
324 Kimberly Tapper Lancaster, PA
325 Lee Horton (nee Tapper) Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia
326 John Tapper Binfield, England
327 Randy Lee Tapper Orlando Florida
328 Hans Tapper Malmö, Sweden
329 Lindsey Tapper Lindsey from DuBois PA
330 Seth Tapper ?
331 Håkan Tapper Malung, Sweden
332 Eddie Tapper Kansas City, Missouri, USA
333 Stephen M. Tapper St. Louis, MO. USA
334 Eileen Louise Tapper Vermont
335 Cynthia Tapper-Hansen cindy949*
336 Nicholas Tapper Massachusetts in the USA
337 Stuart Tapper Washington state
338 Jonaz Tapper Boden, Sweden
339 David Tapper Melbourne Australia
340 Sandra Tapper Kil, Sweden
341 Monica Tapper Gotheburg, Sweden
342 Anders Tapper Stockholm, Sweden
343 K. Tapper London, England
344 Nicole Tapper Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada
345 Nancy Marie TAPPER Willner Bauer
346 Mark Tapper Auckland New Zealand
347 Ricky Tapper Carmel, NY
348 Don Tapper Willmington, ill.- USA
349 Hans Tapper Andersen new_small.gif (201 bytes) Copenhagen Denmark
350 Åsa Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Viken Sweden
351 Gabriella Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Horsholmen Sweden
352 Jacob Tapper Järn new_small.gif (201 bytes) Österbybruk - Sweden
353 John Ora Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Minnesota USA
354 Johan Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Hedemora, Sweden
355 Louise Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Fairhaven, Massachusetts USA
356 Joe Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Bishop's Stortford, England
357 David Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Surrey England
358 Peita Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Melbourne, Australia
359 Anne-Maria Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Lahti, Finland
360 Johan Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Kil värmland, Sweden
361 Alexander Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Plymouth, England
362 Brian Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
363 Marjalissa Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
364 Pat Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) San Diego county, USA
365 Tapper Johannes new_small.gif (201 bytes) Netherlands
366 Damian Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
367 Suzanne Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) London England
368 Tapper Robin Gillan new_small.gif (201 bytes) Cape town, South Africa
369 Susanne Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Österskär Sweden
370 Sari Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Kiuruvesi, Finland
371 Ben Tapper Taylor new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
372 Derrick Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Maple Ridge, British Columbia
373 Lynn Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
374 Russell John Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA
375 Mary Ann Tapper Waller new_small.gif (201 bytes) West Hempstead, New York - USA
376 Kevin Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Walsall West Mids England
377 Suzanne Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Stockholm, Sweden
378 Emma Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Southampton, Edgland
379 John Tapper Avery new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
380 Shane Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
381 Traci Arnot Woodward nee Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Nottingham, England
382 Dean Matthew Tapper  new_small.gif (201 bytes) Perth West Australia
384 Shaun Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Plymouth, UK
385 John William Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes)
386 Andrew Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
387 Frank Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Hamburg, Germany
388 Andrew Ruddyard Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Jamaica
389 Margaret Tapper  new_small.gif (201 bytes) New Zealand
390 Sharron Tapper Schaefer new_small.gif (201 bytes) Oklahoma, USA
391 Leanne Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Perth, Western Australia
392 Magnus Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Stockholm, Sweden
393 Rob Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?
394 Rickard Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Helsingborg, Sweden
395 Dale Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Ebbw Vale,Gwent in South Wales,UK
396 Brett Purcell Tapper  new_small.gif (201 bytes) New Zealand
397 Jacob Oscar Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) Sudbury, Ontario
398 Thadeus Tapper new_small.gif (201 bytes) ?


Question: How can I be included in the Tapper e-mail list?
Answer: If your name is Tapper then you're qualified, just sign the guest book!

Question: I signed the guest book but my name is still not on the list, what happened?
Answer 1: I update this list a couple of times a month, just be patient!
Answer 2: You forgot to include your e-mail address, this is an e-mail list for people named Tapper.
Answer 3: Your name is not Tapper!

Question: How do I correct something in my entry on the list.
Answer: Just e-mail me!

Question: Did you made up these questions?
Answer: Yes, I did. ;-)

This is an assortment from my Tapper Guest book on
February 1999:
(if you wanna see the complete guest book go here!)

Date: 12.4.97 Jack Tapper (jwtap* / no homepage ) wrote:

Neat idea for a Tapper homepage. I thought Tapper was not a very common name. I'm pleased to find other Tappers, as I have always been interested in tracing the origin of the name. I'm in Memphis, Tennessee (USA), but was born and raised in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) area. I'll be checking your page from time to time to see how many new Tappers have signed on. Keep up the good work.

Date: 30.6.97 Frank Patrick Tapper (ftapper* / ) wrote:

A Tapper Homepage for Tappers? I'm speechless...

Date: 28.6.97 Jillane Tapper Brian (jbbrian* / no homepage ) wrote:

My Tapper's are from Dorset Co., England. I am researching my family's genealogy. If you should come across any Tapper's from England, please pass on my e-mail address. Thank you!

Date: 28.6.97 Alfred (Al) Tapper (ATapperMgr* / no homepage ) wrote:

Excellent idea for the Tapper Homepage. My father came to the United States from Estorf Germany in 1907 when he was 12 years old. I grew up in Indiana but have lived in Gulfport, Mississippi for the past 41 years.

Date: 18.6.97 Nigel Tapper (nigel.tapper* / )wrote:

Hi there, I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I moved to 16 years ago from New Zealand. I'm a Professor at Monash University. The Lauren Tapper already on your guest book is my daughter!

Date: 7.11.97 Heléne Tapper (no email / no homepage ) wrote:

My family name comes from Helsinki, Finland. My parents moved to Uppsala, Sweden in 1955. I have 3 sisters and one brother. None of my family has written here yet. I know of relatives in Estonia, but I don't know them by person. Five generations ago, there was a marriage held between a Mr. Tapper, who was a seaman, and a Greece woman. The most usual misunderstanding is that people think my name is Trapper (engelska för "pälsjägare") or Papper (Swedish for "paper"). Pretty silly, I think. Best regards to all Tapper-people.

Date: 3.11.97 Georgia Tapper (no email / no homepage ) wrote:

I live in Sydney, Australia. My brother's name is Michael but he isn't the one who has signed this page. What a coincidence, with Tapper being such an uncommon name. My sister is Caroline and my parents are Steve and Anne. My grandparents Howard and Rita are living south of Melbourne. I believe we originate partly from Ireland and England, but that was a number of generations ago. I am not certain yet.

Date: 7.9.97 James Tapper (jtapper* / no homepage ) wrote:

Hi I'm a grooooooooovy drummer from North London (where it's happening). Right now I'm cruising Down Under searching for the ultimate tapp!!! A big hello goes out to my fav non-Tapper who lives in Winnie Chill!! Take care all you Tappers and party on down....

Date: 31.8.97 Simon Tapper (simon_tapper* / ) wrote:

Tappers of S. Devon, U.K. Descended from 17th century Richard Tapper. N.Bovey S.Devon. Earlier history not known. Someone mentions name derived from Tapster- barman. Slight elaboration- understand connected to tapping barrels (putting in taps) back in mediaeval times sounds better than barman). Great Grandpa Tapper always maintained 'we came over with the Danes c.10th century' ? Presumably raping and pillaging on the way. Perhaps they were related to those of Finland, (the brave valiant warriors) who then perhaps settled, and turned to the more mundane occupation of beer making and tapping barrels.

Date: 9.12.97 Sandra Rose (nee Tapper) (egerton* / no homepage ) wrote:

From Perth in Western Australia, quite a clan of Tappers here - all descended from Daniel Tapper who migrated from England to Australia on the "Rockingham" in 1830. His sons and their descendants have a strong family link to the port town of Fremantle, south of Perth. One son, "Captain John" was a lighterboat captain out of Fremantle and later went pearling on the NW coast of WA.

Date: 19.1.98 Gayle Tapper (gayle* / ) wrote:

How fascinating to find a few Tappers... I've been feeling somewhat lonesome lately... now I feel curious about my kin from afar! I don't know where my Tappers came from much beyond my grandfather, who lived in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland - now the site of Gros Morne National Park. Saludos to Tappers everywhere!

Date: 28.4.98 Linda Tapper (http://www.perle* / no homepage ) wrote:

Hi, My neice Wendy and I have decided to research our family name. Your Web Page is great! My father was Richard Alan Tapper born 1905 in Seattle, Washington, USA. He had a brother John. Their father was George Tapper born around 1880, TorBay, NewFoundland, Ca. - His father was Richard. We have several pictures. If anyone has any information please e-mail either Wendy or I. My grandfather George married Katheryn Doyle also from NewFoundland but I think they met in Washington. If it helps anyone we have pictures of a David Tapper next to a small airplane and a Rose Tapper - Nurse, 1924 - Brooklyn, New York. Thanks for this opportunity - my mothers family were from Malmo and Lulea.

Date: 27.4.98 Wendy Tapper (wendyt* / no homepage ) wrote:

What a terrific resource for Tappers. I am just starting to research the genealogy of my family along with my aunt. I currently reside in Washington State. I know that some of my family is from Newfoundland. If anyone has  information that could help, please email me! thanks! ~Wendy

Date: 1.8.98 Perry Marshall Tapper (perry* / no homepage ) wrote:

A site just for the Tapper clan. I like it. I am the wandering member of this family. Most of my immediate relatives (Tappers that is) live in Seattle, WA, USA. I live in the Czech Republic.

Date: 11.7.98 Marcus Tapper (mttapper* / ) wrote:

I really like your site about Tapper's. I am one of the thousands of Tapper's from Newfoundland on the east of Canada. I have been doing some indepth research on Tapper's. Tapper's originated from England and moved west to settle. They first landed here in Newfoundland. the exact community was Torbay. It was named after a community of the same name in england.They moved then south to the states. This message is just to put some rest to the commotion anbout tapper's! Marcus TAPPER

Date: 17.6.98 Ab Tapper (abtapper* / no homepage ) wrote:

Tapper relates to the occupation of opening kegs of beer- a tavern keeper.
My stock goes back to Devon, England

Date: 14.6.98 John Tapper (jt* / no homepage ) wrote:

I only recently began to use the Internet, and was amazed to discover this page. My name is John Tapper, and I currently live in Bristol in England. My immediate family originate in the West Midlands, and have been based in the town of Walsall for as long as I can remember.

Both my father and grandfather were named John Tapper, and my grandmother's maiden name was Elizabeth Twaites.

It would be good to hear from others in the 'family'. I was aware that there were a number of Tappers in the USA, but had no idea they were also in Sweden. Fantastic!

Date: 21.10.98 Samuel A. Tapper (samuel.tapper* / no homepage ) wrote:

I too am a Tapper currently living in Calif. Usa. I was born in Kingston Jamaica. Two Tapper brothers moved from England to Jamaica, in the 1800's I think. Would love to find out more......

Date: 30.9.98 Graham Francis Tapper (graham_tapper* / no homepage ) wrote:

I and my family (Linda, Ian and Claire) now live in Camberley in Surrey in the UK (just south-west of London). I was born in Theydon Bois in Essex (north-east of London) but originally our family came from Dorset.

Tapper is a very popular name in the West Country (Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall) but is virtually unknown elsewhere in the UK. It is believed to have two possible origins. Firstly it is a trade name for an innkeeper. However, I can't believe that that many Tappers emerged out of that one profession. The other explanation is that it is thought that a large Viking community existed in the area in the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries, hence the probable origin associated with a Scandinavian name. That one seems far more likely.

My own ancestors lived in Shroton, also known as Iwerne Courtney, from the 16th century where they were farmers. The family moved south over the years and nowadays that branch of the family live in the Poole area. My own grandfather moved away from there to London at the start of this century.

I have a cousin, Ken, who lives in Sweden, so that branch at least has returned to its roots!

Date: 26.11.98 Frederick Lino Tapper (freddy* / ) wrote:

I'm from Argentina , and the father of my grandfather was born in Sweden, and came here about the 1900. Our web page is Very nice to meet all the Tappers here !!!!!!! I'll be back.
Best regards.

Date: 31.12.98 Peter A Tapper (no email / no homepage ) wrote:

My family was from London area and then moved North, we are the only Tappers in the North of England. It's cool to be exclusive though !

Date: 27.12.98 Gordon Tapper (sbperyam* / no homepage ) wrote:

Grandfather Andrew J Tapper. Came from Varmsland Sweden in approx 1890's. Settled first in Minneapolis MN, moved to Monticello MN approx. 1905. My father was Oscar Tapper. He had a brother Albert. They had three sisters. I have one brother Donald. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. We currently live in Hutchinson MN.

Date: 17.12.98 Ian Tapper (ian.tapper* / ) wrote:

Hee hee! Cool.

Date: 4.1.99 Ingemar Tapper (kolis* / ) wrote:

Interesting to read all comments from Tapper´s around the world. I had no idea that the name was common outside of Sweden. I live with my wife in Stavsjö in Sweden. We breed Icelandic horse as you can see if you go to our homepage.

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